Here are some of the Adventures that Ive had with my Truck 

Parked under the trees while working Garbicz Festival
In mid July I drove through to Garbicz in Poland where I parked under the trees, while working on the Festival

Working on the Mercedes 322
In late June of 2023, I drove down to Trelleborg and got the 6-hour ferry crossing to Rostock. Then carried on to Berlin where I worked a few weeks for my mate, Emu, He has an old Mercedes 322, the for-runner to my Truck, and there was a list of things needing to do, that I ate my way through.

Winter on the farm, 2021 - 2022, near Grävsta, Sweden.

   In March 2021 I moved to a new location, near Grävsta, Sweden, not so far from Hejsta.
 I parked at the back of a farm, up against some bush.
This faces South over an empty field, which is great for my Winter Solar.
I pulled down the Solar Array from the Hejsta Location, and rebuilt it.
I closed it in with iron sheeting and built a door on the rear of it.
There was a hole in the ground beside it, so I put a 1000 L water tank there,
and collected rain water off the Solar Panels.
I pump this, through two Water Filters, into the main Truck Tank.

This is the beginning of the 2020 - 2021 winter, near Hejsta, Sweden, where I stayed.
I  built a 3000W Solar Array just beside my Truck, to supply my winter electric needs.

Moved in March 2020 near to Hejsta, Sweden, where I parked in the backyard of some friends, out in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful nature.

From September 2019 until early March 2020 I was parked in a  beautiful peaceful location near Sengeløse, Danmark, with lots of wildlife right out my window

Sengeløse had  amazing wild views from my doorway

Rain soaked Spring days in Højby, Danmark,  March 2019

Foggy days in Højby, Danmark, February 2019

Parked in Hindsgavl on Fyn, Danmark, December 2018 with Awesome Winter colours in the bush

Parked in Hindsgavl on Fyn, Danmark, late Sommer 2018 against some lovely bush

Parked with Boris in Hindsgavl on Fyn, Danmark, July 2018

Parked up near Højby, Sjælland for the sommer of 2018 amongst green feilds and singing birds.

Parked behind Bellevue Teater, Danmark, Febuary 2018 while working there.
This was during the storm they called "Beast from the East"

Again back parking behind the Østre Gasværk Teater, Danmark, May 2017

Parked during winter Jan 2017 at Fox's and Box's Wagonburg, Berlin

Parked in Hallingelille near Ringsted, Denmark, Jan 2016

Parked beside the Østre Gasværk Teater in København, Jan 2016

Parked near Christiania in København, Oct 2015

View from my doorway, near Christiania, Danmark, Oct 2015

 Leaving Berlin on drive to Danmark, Oct 2015

Belitz while building Treehouse, April 2015

Holzmarkt while helping to build Kater Blau Club, Feb 2015

Bringing in more Wagons to Garbicz, Aug 2014

Parked in the Holzmarkt amongst the building of the new Kater Blau Club and
Alex building his Houseboa
t, April 2014

February and parked beside the Spree in the sunny weather of the 2014 non winter

Towing Juwals wagen to the Bachstelzen/Kater Festival in Garbicz, Poland August 2013

Parked while building up at the Garbicz Festival, August 2013

Parked up in Teupitz while building the Tree House, June 2013

Parked in what was the entrance to Kater Holzig Club, Michaelkirchstraße, late March 2013

While working on the Truck of Boris I was parkrd by the river in Maintal, Sommer 2012

From Dec 2010 to 2012 I was parked in the end zone of what was once the last section of Bar 25 to open before it was closed down at the end of 2010.
This is
now where the Kater Blau is standing.

After a snow fall 9 Feb 2012, with the old club Katerholzig over the Spree in the background.
You can still see the Kater Cat sitting on the roof of the old Club in front of the chimney!

Here is the view in front of Truck, 9 Feb 2012, of the old structure we built for the Soccer world cup (2010) and is called Johannesburg. Inside was a VIP room,  roof top viewing terrace, a casino, bars, storage areas and private Chill lounges.

6 February 2012, and its -17°C outside and Ive just started to heat the Oven again.

At Fusion 2011

My parking space at Fusion 2011 some time during a pause in the 3 days of rain!

My last parking place, sommer 2010, where I lived in Bar 25 surrounded by trees and fine Tech House as well as wonderful neighbours. Behind the wooden fence in front of the Truck was parked the C Wagon.



Lying in my Hammock and looking towards the truck in my last parking place where I lived in Bar 25. August 2010

On the 2 July 2010 while driving back from building the start of the Tree-house in the Wendland I blew the tread off my Rear tyre! So I had to find a place to pull over and unhitch the trailer then changed the tyre.
Starting to remove the tyre.

I managed to find a nice place further up the rood
where I could get off the road to do the change.

I also managed to destroy the end of the exhaust as the tread flew off!

Great driving day with warm wind blowing through the cab laden with summer scents of grass and hot land. Sommer 2010

Trying to find a way west but the river Elbe was flooded on a trip in March 2010 to the Wendland.

Parked in the Wendland, 2010, with great evening lighting

Spring thaw in the Bar 25 February 2010

Winter in the Bar 25 and this is what it looked like on 3 February 2010

This is the Bar 25 on 10 January 2010

This is another view of the Bar 25 on 10 January 2010

So as you see it can get cold in Berlin in the
winter and this is what I sometimes come
home to if I dont leave the fire with enough
wood in it to burn!

Then I get the problem if Im away from the 
   truck  for a few days that the water in the tank
   freezes!! 23 January 2010

Parked in my Bush site at the Bar 25 on 6 April 2009 before the trees were in full leaf.

27 April 2009, and now the trees are fully green and Ive built a fence between myself and the
Volleyball court.

27 April 2009, from the front

Nice and cool under the trees in the summer and the decking was good when it rained to keep things out of the wet sand. Good clean place for painting truck parts on. April 2009

Winching out Trailers and the Mercedes-Benz 302 of Micha, from the Bush, Bar 25, 13 August 2009

November 2009 in the Bar 25, beside the Spree

November 2009 in the Bar 25 and parked beside the Spree with views from my window

Parked in the Bush in Bar 25, 3 November 2009. (In an area that in 2010 was developed into a private function and exhibition area called Gartenschrank) 
This is also where I built in the Power steering gearbox. I lived in this spot for about a year.

Exploring old DDR roads in the area around Bernau, 21 November 2009

Biesenthal 12 December 2009

I have an old German Tank Helmet that I've fitted some good headphone speakers into, so that I can listen to Trance while driving or just with the sound off to mute the loud sound of the Truck.
                                                In the background is the Berlin Wall.

Parked at the Bar 25, March 2007,
As I start the renovation work, after buying it in December 2006.

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