Im Kiwi and here are some things Ive done and places Ive been

Taking fotos of Lichen & Moss in the Swedish bush, March 2023

Beyond the Arctic circle, on a Mountain top in Padjelanta National Park, Sweden, August 2022

Driving loaders during the build up at Garbicz Festival, Poland, Aug 2015

 Building Treehouse in Haan


Zapping new powder, Serfaus, Tyrol,  Jan 2015

Snowboarding Serfaus, Tyrol, 2014

While building Tree House in Teupitz June 2013

Building the Tree House in Potsdam early March 2012

Window Cleaning, Berlin 2012

Dressed in Soviet uniform at Kater for the Tag der Deutschen Einheit Party, 2011

One of the highest mountains I climbed, Chimborazo 6,310 m, Ecuador, in about 2011

Vince and I  backstage at Bachstelzen during  Fusion 2010  just before the Umzug mission.

Rigging in a Theatre for "Come Together Concert", Denmark, 2010

Working on E's above Berlin, 2009 

Industrial Climbing in Berlin, 2009

Zillertal, Tyrol,  2009

Rigging work on Rock am Ring stage, 2006

In the roof while resetting winch anchors for the lighting rig

Starting to thread cables for the lighting rig

Pinning the Roof Trusses

Winching the Roof up the towers before pinning

I worked as a Diving Instructor for about 10 years in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt & Honduras
Late 90's into the 2000's

Working as a Dive Instructor in the Andaman Sea, Thailand about 2004

Davos, Switzerland, about 2002

Working with Greenpeace in the South Pacific

Some where in the South Pacific near the Vava'u Islands, Tonga, aboard the Wharram catamaran,            
                                             "Sudden Laughter" during the early 90's


Small Trance party way up in the bush in NZ

Start of a climbing trip up Mt Aspiring, Wanaka NZ

Belaying the ice pitches in the Remarkable range, Otago, New Zealand

Outside our snow cave where we lived whiled climbing in the Remarkable range

Inside the snow cave

Traversing a snow slope somewhere in the Southern Alps

Climbing Frozen Waterfalls in The Remarkables, late 80's

Camping somewhere in the NZ Southern Alps while on a climbing trip

Climbing Fuckity Fuck Fuck, Diamond Lake, Wanaka NZ

   Starting the second pitch lead on Mihiwaka crag, Dunedin,NZ


Mihiwaka crag, late 80's

Leading on a climb in Whanganui Bay, NZ

Whanganui Bay

Belaying a friend who's learning to climb while in Nelson, NZ

Caving in Nelson area, NZ late 80's


One of the outside bath's that I built.

This one had running water from the creek and a wooden walkway to keep you out of the mud. A chimney was set into the hillside leaving room around the bath for planted herbs

Some art pieces that I was making at one time that I called "Wright cubed"

One of the windows that I made while working as a Glass Artist, mid 80's

My old SIIa Landrover in the Bush in New Zealand.

Removing the old 2.25 liter Landrover motor, mid 80's

Replacing it with a Mitsubishi 2.8L 6 cylinder diesel motor

About to solo dive an old quarry site called "The Kilns" in Walkworth, NZ

Leaving Westhaven marina, Auckland NZ, on my Cutter rigged yacht Piwakawaka  
(based on a William Atkin design)  which I lived on for a few years.

Cleaning the hull of Piwakawaka while on the hard

Playing Bass in the Houstruckers Road Band, Mid 80's

Me with my Housetruck at one of the places I lived in the NZ bush around 1985

 Rebuilding an engine in the bush for a friends CA Bedford Van in about 1984
Used a block and tackle hanging from a strong tree branch to move the engine about.

On the summit of Mt Tapuaenuku in 1981

Tappy Ridge and climbing

Born in New Zealand in the sixties now living in near Hölö, Sverige.

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