My New Zealand House Truck

Here are scanned copies of some of the Trucks I had in New Zealand in the 80's.

This is a 1935 Bedford, I had it for only about 2 months before changing it for another Truck and new ideas.

Here I am rebuilding a Bedford 214 engine (3.5L), that I fitted into this 1947 K Bedford

One of the idyllic places that I lived beside a South Island river in total wilderness about 25 km to the nearest habitation

 I built a balsa wood model of what I wanted to build on my next Truck to get some idea of sizes

This Truck was a Morris WF S503 from I think 1969. It had a 4 Litre Petrol (Benzin) Motor in it.


This is the main living room looking forward to the front bedroom that was built over the cab. The main room contained the kitchen as well as  an old wood burning stove for heating and cooking. All the wood used inside was New Zealand hard wood form Native trees. The walls are lined with Rimu, the floor was Matai, the kitchen benches were Southland Red Beach, Puriri was used for the cupboard doors with Rewarewa strips.

This is the front Bedroom looking forward into the nose cone with self made stained-glass windows. Matai was used for the ceiling and walls, Rimu was used for lining the cone.

 The last vehicle that I did in NZ was a 1970's SB Bedford bus, here with my Landrover

Work starts on stripping out the inside and putting in a new floor. I ended up heading off to Uni and never finished the project so later sold it 

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