Here is a collection of photos from New Zealand Housetrucks

These first fotos are from my own collection from the early 80's




Fargo Power Wagon


International Harvester


Myself and friends parked up in the back yard where I built the middle truck











These first six Trucks are Bedford K (2Tonne)  M (3Tonne) or O models (4 Tonne).
Production for these models ran from 1939 until 1953 in England. 

These were powered by a six cylinder petrol engine of 3519cc (214.7 cu in).

1949 OLB Bedford

K Bedford




Bedford parked in the Bush

This is a 1952 M Bedford. Look for an inside view, that is typical of a NZ Housetruck

The next four are later J series Bedfords. Production started in 1958.




These next three are TK Bedfords. Production started in 1963 for these models.








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