Magirus Deutz 120 D10

I had the Magirus Deutz for a few years before I bought the Rundhauber.
It was ex THW, Technisches Hilfswerk.

 It was poweed with a 7.5 Litre 120 hp V6 Air cooled motor with permanent four wheel drive with a locking central differential, driving through a 5 speed ZF gearbox and 2 speed transfer box.

Loud to drive and maximum speed of 81 km/h.
It was built in 1966.

Parked on the Fusion Gelände about 2003






This is the 7.5 Litre 120 hp V6 Air Cooled Deutz motor

Winter 2001 near Darmstadt

Looking towards the front with table on the left and the kitchen- Sink, Two burner Gas cooker, Fridge
                       Access through to the Cab with small seat and shelves in the Step-thru.

Looking towards the rear. This koffer was very small and only about 175cm height inside so I couldnt really stand properly. Three door access but usually only used the right hand one.

This was a nice stove that kept me warm all winter.

Driving through Denmark in October 2002

Parked at Fusion about 2002

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