Trailer TSA 8/8

This photo was taken just after my new Trailer arrived having been bought in December 2009. It is a Bundeswehr Tragkraftspritzenanhänger (German Army Portable Fire Pump Trailer) TSA 8/8 built in 1978 and transported to me on a low loader trailer from München.

It has a gross vehicle weight of 1900 kg,
Load capacity of 1100 kg
Trailer empty weight 800 kg

Yippi I have a Trailer. Now Ive got somewhere that I can lock my Tools and Industry Climbing    
        equipment in. (Note the support legs hanging down)

The Low loader from München

My Trailer tied down in it

About to back up the ramps and hitch the Trailer onto the Truck to unload it.

The Trailer is still filled with the Fire gear holders.

Same but from the rear.


In February 2010 I started work on grinding and flexing the rust away in between bouts of snowy weather. When its warm enough I repaint in the original paint RAL 6031 (Bronzegrün). 

I really like winter
Nice snow fell in winter2009/2010

I needed to buy two new rear support legs for TÜV, as the original had been severely bent by having the trailer reversed while still standing on them! 

Bent ends of the legs!

New Leg properly hitched under the Trailer.

(See first picture above, as to how they were hanging down when I first received the Trailer)

I also stripped the front leg, cleaned it and repacked it with fresh grease as well as fitting a grease nipple into the leg below the hoisting gears.  

The gear at the bottom of the threaded spindle that runs up through the leg that raises the wheel. This is before I cleaned all the old grease off and packed it with fresh grease.

    Bottom of the hoisting unit with the other gear      before cleaning.  I positioned the grease nipple      into this area to keep it fill full of fresh grease.

The top grease nipple is the new one that I fitted.

                                        TSA 8/8 Tragkraftspritzenanhänger  (Portable fire pump trailer)

This is how the Trailer used to be loaded from the front

This is how the Trailer used to be
loaded from the Rear.
The Pump was 800 litre per min at 8 Bar.

The back is being utilized as a small working space for the tools that Im using on the present project.
On the left can be seen the NATO roof hatch for the driving cab that Ive still to mount in the roof

Dec 2016 and finally got round to painting the Trailer with RAL 6031

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