The Design

The Koffer on the back of the Truck was too small to stand up in so I needed to make it higher. My plan is to cut the koffer off below the windows and add 1200mm in height to the wall then add a roof with curving sides of another 200mm. This will give me a total koffer hieght of 2300mm (outside measurement) which is an increase of 400mm.
The inside size is smaller due to the 40mm Styrodur insulation and 20mm Buche plywood being laid over the original floor, as well as 100mm Hemp insulation in the roof.
Im also increasing the length to 5000mm.
I have started the designs with scale drawings and also working with scaled pictures to see what it will look like. So far I have come up with this as a finished size.

This is a basic plan showing how much Im going to be adding to the Koffer.




This is the Floor Plan.

This is the Electric Plan.


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