The Steel Work

So finally started work in early December on cutting off the old roof and building the new one.


Getting the roof  removed became a mission  after the first place we had organised to remove it had closed. So after a few phone calls we slowly drove across the city with the cut roof still attached in two spots, to the new location where after a very long cold wait it finally got lifted off and scrapped. 


I used 2mm steel on the roof because I know that at festivals and well also at any time it will end up with many hippy's standing and partying on it.  We had to use four Spanngurts (tension belt) as well as Clamps to pull the steel into the side curve then drilled the holes and squeeged in the Sikaflex under the steel before popping the rivets with my pneumatic rivet gun.
I have painted all the steel with Brantho Korrux 3 in 1.

Lifting the Roof into position before welding it in place

At times it was up to -17°C in the hall while we were working !!! Then lots of snow fell in between times.


It is the 21 December 2010 and the truck stands now waiting for the work to be finished as my welder takes a holiday and we wait for the hall we are using to become free. We had been working at night but as the hall is not heated it was hard going.
Next we build in the side door then the back gets its new form, after that we finish with the steel cladding on the walls of 1.5mm zinced plate. 

Finally on 19 January we started work again and got 3 walls clad as well as building the framing on the rear of the Truck. I also covered the rivets on the roof with 50mm glass tape and Epoxy resin to make it water tight but this was already after a few weeks of snow and rain and the profiles had in this time managed to fill with water.


With pre drilled holes in the plate we lifted it into position on to the Sikaflex, clamped it in place, drilled through the frame profiles and riveted it.



How it stood on 21 January 2011 waiting for the Hall to be free again.


27 January 2011, the door is finally in and the walls are all on



Cutting out a section of the floor that is going to be the shower area.

Eisen Robert


Welding in the frame for the shower base as well as having to move a main floor frame and cutting out two other floor frames.

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