I called my LA 911 

Mercedes Benz

Model:            LA 911/42

Year:              1967

Motor:             OM 352

Engine Output:     130 PS

Displacement:      5675ccm

Motor Revolutions: 2800 Rpm

Tyres:             Front- Michelin XZL

                             Rear- Mitas NT 9 MIL
                             11.00 x 20

Electrics:          12 Volt

Front Axle:        AL 3

Rear Axle:         HL 5/1 S-10
Differential lock

Axle Ratio:        6/41  which is i= 6,833
Max Speed:       95 km/h with 11.00-20

Gearbox:         ZF S6-36 GV 36
                  (6 forward gears with splitter                     so 12 gears)

Servo Steering:    LS5

Original Gross Vehicle Weight:     8990kg
                    Front Axle:     3300kg
                    Rear  Axle:     5300kg


Wheelbase:   4200mm

Length:       8000mm

Width:        2460mm

Height:        3600mm

Karl Stemler 4500kg Mechanical Winch on front

The short name for these Trucks in Deutschland is Rundhauber or Kurzhauber

Truck was originally used by the Bundespost as Fernmeldenotdienst (Telecommunications emergency service) but has now got a different Truck-body (Koffer) on it from the Bundesgrenzschutz (German border police) which was once used for listening to Radio signals across the border.

My New Koffer size:       

                5.0 m Long
                2.5 m Wide
                2.3 m High

This is a model of what my Truck would have originaly looked like before I got it. I based
my New Koffer on this as I found the       curved roof really suited my Truck.
 The Radio Frequencies were still in the Koffer


Karl Stemler 4500kg Mechanical Winch

Michelin XZL 11.00R20
Radial tyre

Mitas NT 9 MIL 11.00 X 20
Diagonal Tyre

   OM 352 with newly fitted LS5 Servo Steering

   My old Front Tyres
11.00 X 20 Mitas NB 59
With Snow chains laid out for fitting

  This was a Diagonal style of Tyre that had a      habit of going square when I parked,then          rattled the Truck for 10km until they were       warm and became round again!


After many days of snow fall in Febuary 2010, I used the Truck to move some old vehicles to another storage area in the Bar 25 where I lived. The snow was about 40cm deep in places. I had to use the snow-chains as the first area was compacted snow that had become quite icy! In four wheel drive I was sliding and having trouble getting the tyres to gain traction while I was winching and towing the vehicles out!  

Here is the Data Card for the Truck


Exploring along roads in the DDR

Inside the Truck 2010

This is how my Truck used to look like inside in mid 2010. I built it to be functional as it all got pulled out when I did my rebuild in the winter 2010. So I tried to keep most of the building below the windows so I didn't need to remove every thing when I cut the roof off. In the end I totally stripped the inside to bare steel!


Inside the Truck 2013
Inside looking forward

 Right hand side and the kitchen area

Looking towards the rear

Here is the first view I had of my Truck when my friend Boris found it for sale on the internet. So after ringing the owner I went  to look at it in December 2006 and spent a few hours going over it and taking many photos. After talking to another friend of mine who also owns a Rundhauber, I returned a week later and bought it for nearly 8000€. 


Inside the Truck-body looking towards the
rear just after I bought it.

Truck had only 15089 km on the Taco!

Inside the driving cab is painted still with Bundespost Grey (RAL 7010) and the original Bundespost number: BP- 80096     painted on the dash trim.

Inside the Truck-body looking towards the front just after I bought it with the green storage bins from under the truck.

    Inside the Truck-body and remains of the          electrical system for running the radios.

                        The OM 352 motor


Here Im trying out the Truck along forestry roads on the way back to Berlin after buying it. This was where I found out that it has a 18 meter turning circle which can make for some interesting driving situations with tight corners!  I also managed to find some muddy tracks and holes to try out the four wheel drive and the rear differential lock, as well as trying out the winch with the cable tied round a tree.

The guy I bought it from, had just about a week before I bought it slapped white paint nearly all over it with paint dribbles and runs everywhere including on the windows! It was so fresh that I kept getting paint on me. Had to wait for it to dry off properly before I could sand it back and repaint with RAL 6005 British Racing Green.

These are the ramp angles for the Truck with the new Koffer.

While working at Garbicz Festival I had to tow out a fully loaded 7.5t Truck that had dug its self to the axles.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Return to Top

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