Part 1: Inside construction
28 January - 8 February 2011

The first thing I had to do was mount my new Aluminium steps so I have access to the Truck.

Now work starts on building the inside. The first thing to be built are the windows as they have to be fitted before the walls get the insulation and plywood lining.

Building my window frames and here Im gluing the outer frame with West Epoxy.


Im coating the frames with Epoxy Resin to keep then water proof and will then paint over this with five coats of varnish to UV protect the Epoxy.

Building the inner window frames that will have the glass mounted into it.


Cutting out the places for fitting in the Hinges.

Laying down of the 40mm Styrodur insulation.

The first sheet of 20mm Buche plywood is fitted with the cut out in the floor for the shower which now has its floor fitted as well.

Emu cutting the Styrodur to size.

The Floor is finally laid and just about to glue the sheets together with Epoxy.


Starting to put up the frames that will be the support for the 6mm plywood walls.

Cutting the Hemp to size.


Starting with the wiring spaghetti.

Yippi finally the first wall plate is screwed on.

Cutting a hole in the side of the Truck with my jigsaw. First I marked the size from the inside and drilled small holes from the in side in the corners and then lining up with the drill holes I marked the cutting line on the outside.

Sikaflex all round the frame to seal the window.


Holes are drilled for the fixing screws in the side of the frame.

Clamping while screwing the frame in place.

Hiding and water proofing the screws.

Framing for the plywood and more wirring. Glass for the windows are on order and will take two weeks so have plastic over the window hole till they arrive.

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