Renovating Left Front Wheel Cylinder

July 2010

As I had already rebuilt the Right hand Wheel Cylinder during the winter, I now needed to renovate the Left hand side. So in July when the weather was warm I proceeded to remove the front wheel, the hub, the brake pads and then to clean, hone and replace the wheel cylinder cups.

Starting to remove the Wheel.

Hub removed and ready for cleaning.

Wheel Cylinder damp with brake fluid.

Brake baking plate cleaned.

Wheel cylinder components.

This was the state of the Wheel Cylinder after
I opened it. Damp sludge and rust.

       One of the Pistons covered in grime.

Inside the end protection cap.

The other Piston was also in need of a good clean.

Inside the Cylinder showing the rust before I honed it.

          Components clean and assembly starting with the application of Brake assembly Grease.                  
New Cups and End Caps.

First Cup is put in on a light coating of Brake component Grease.

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