Separ Filter and other Improvements

September 2011 

Mounted the Separ Filter and connected the fuel lines.


Fitted a Diesel-Therm heating system into the fuel filter intake.


Fitted some Air Horns, now I can be heard.

Heated mirrors have just been mounted ready for the winter.

Now Ive fitted a Rev counter which is going to be run off the top of the Oil Pump

I unbolted the steering wheel mounting to give
me more room to work, then disconected all the
switches and gauges

With the dashboard removed I marked out where
the hole was to be cut then covered the surface in clear sticky tape so that the Jigsaw wouldn't scratch the paint as I was cutting.


Removed the Gaskets form the Front Axle Housings (one each side) and replaced them with new ones.
Here is the Axle Housing with the Gasket holding frame removed

This is the Gasket holding frame after its been removed 

The Gasket holding frame after its been cleaned. As can be seen, the Gasket is well worn out


New Gasket about to be put down on sealant in the frame

This shows the two Gasket frames with the Gasket bedded on sealant before fitting to Axle housing

Job finished with the new Gasket and every thing bolted back together

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