130 Ps Injector Pump,

Wheel Holder, Exhaust,

Cab Suspension, Rear Wheel Cylinder

March 2012 - April 2013

130 Ps Injector Pump

I bought from eBay a 130Ps Injector Pump of the type PES 6A 90 D 410 RS 2293 and changed it for the original 110Ps. It was from a 1981 Bundeswehr Unimog U435 that had been in an accident and it had done only 43000 km      

The New Pump


The Old Pump

The New Regulator


The Old Regulator 


Starting to remove all the fuel lines and the oil filling tube from the 110Ps Pump

Here is the timing mark for the Injector Pump on the timing gears

I had to  make a new mark on the flywheel (white) as the new pump now works at 18° BTDC . The yellow mark is the old 23° and the Red is TDC (Top Dead Centre)

Measuring the diameter of the flywheel to work out new mark

The 110Ps Pump removed and the old gasket scraped off the timing gear housing

The two Pumps

The 130 Ps Pump is in, new fuel lines fitted and bleeding the system of air is finished.
Then it just started


The New Wheel Holder

Starting to build a new spare wheel holder that is operated with a small hand winch.

This what it looks like when the wheel is pulled up into position

The old wheel holder had the wheel hanging much lower and hanging further to the rear

The Frame that I built to hold the wheel

   At the moment Im using the ratchet to raise and lower the Wheel, but Im going to build a proper
     winding arm

Building the frame that will hold the Wheel in place once that its been winched into place

All painted and ready to be put in place on the rear Truck chassis

  Just finished welding the 300mm long 12.9 strength bolts to the wheel holding frame and painting it. These will go up thru the holes in the two strips either side of the winch and be used for securing the Wheel to the Truck

 Drilling the holes in the side mounting plates that will be used to bolt the assembly to the Truck chassis with 10.9 strength bolts

My Trailer Hitch

The New Exhaust





Finally got round to putting in the new exhaust system after the other one rusted thru in some places

Greasing The Cab Suspension
Removed the Suspension Spring from under the rear of the  cab to re-grease it as it made a lot of noise while driving because it was so dry.
Spring after removal

I jacked the cab up to de-tension the Spring so I could remove it

Spring removed and disassembled. I then cleaned all the old grease off with a wire brush before applying new fresh grease over all the leaves and reassembled the Spring

Spring with new grease before bolting it back together with the heart bolt

Rear wheel Cylinder

The Rear wheel Cylinders were leaking so pulled them out and repaired them.

 Inside after removing the piston & Cup

Once I'd cleaned it

Piston as it came out

 Piston after cleaning & sanding

Wheel Cylinder after I honed it.

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