Oil Pump, Winch Cable & Free Wheel Hubs
July - December 2013

 In July I needed to change my Oil Pump because mine didn't have the drive spur for the Rev-Counter Generator that ran the Rev-Counter. I tried to get just a new shaft but they were no longer available so I ended up putting in a new pump.

  This is my old Pump without the Drive Spur
       This is what the Oil Pump Drive-Shaft looks like          with the Drive Spur on the top

After removing the Sump I needed to remove the old hard gasket so found using a wire brush on the drill worked really well

The first of the connections for the Drive
at top of the Oil Pump I put in while changing
the Injector Pump

                All connected together with the
               Rev-Counter Generator at the top

The Rev-Counter Generator

         The turning Oil Pump shaft drives this small
          electrical generator that controls the

The new Oil Pump mounted in the motor

New Sump gasket

The Sump cleaned and painted

New Winch Cable

 Having a Thimble put on one end of the new cable

Heat cutting and sealing the other end

Starting to wind on the new 12mm steel cable after I'd painted the drum with Brantho-Korrux

I used my drill to wind on the 70 meters of cable

Free Wheel Hubs
Bought AVM Free Wheel Hubs that will disconnect the front drive shaft and axle from the front wheel when Im out of four wheel drive. This will increase the fuel economy and lighten the steering.

Once I had removed the old axle flange I cleaned the axle hub flange surface then put on the gasket and new flange body.

Flange is bolted on and Ive just started to screw the axle lock nut into the flange body

Once mounted I painted them black then painted the red inlays

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