Work Starts on Truck

December 2006

First thing after lifting the carpets was to find  rust so I ground that away with a disk grinder/wirebrush.

Coated with rust killing "Brantho Korrux" paint.

Next I found rust in the roof joins.

Ground to new steel and then Fibreglassed over.

      Also had to remove the tenants that had taken              up home in the sub floor truss!

All the levers between the seats.

       Hole was rather large and wet so left open in               the sunny weather to really dry it out.

         Brantho Korrux was painted over all the area           once the fibreglass had cured and been                    sanded.


January 2007 I start work on the Koffer (Truck-body) so that I can live in it. In the mean time while building I live for a month in a wagon. (This wagon was later to become the C wagon at Bar 25) Luckily at this time the winter is not so cold but still one of the first jobs is putting in the wood stove for heating. I bolted four rubber suspension feet under the plywood board that I mounted the stove on to keep things flexible while driving.

The famous C Wagon was parked in the Back Stage area of the Bar 25, and while I was building the Truck I lived in it for a few months. Later it was a chill room and a place for people to hang out in the Back Stage!

Preparing the wall before fitting stove.

Bed space got used for storage and tools!

Building of the kitchen with water tank under the table seat.

Stove fitted and replacing wall with firewall.

           Finally get Truck registered as a historic                   vehicle

Kitchen almost finished

By the middle of January I had  a basic living area with kitchen, clothes cupboard and bed with storage under it, all set up.

At this time all the inside building is temporary as I plan to cut the roof off below the windows and then build straight sides and a new roof. Also going to add another half meter to the back of the Koffer and raise the roof height to about 2.1 meters inside.


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