Part 12: Gas Water Heater & Water Filter

Gas Water Heater
Febuary 2016

In Febuary 2016 I removed my old Water Boiler and changed the water heating to a Gas Water Heater that I hung on the wall behind the Shower. I did this for a number of reasons;

The water in the Boiler slowly got cold as you were using it.
It took 40 minutes to heat the water.
I was using gas to heat water that I may not use.
It was very prone to freezing so I never used it in winter, as it meant emptying out 10 liters every time
Now I can shower with constant heat in the water for as long as Ive got water.

So I bought a Cointra Optima COB-5p
I then took off the cover and spray painted the white with a heat proof Matt Balck paint as I dont like white.
Then I had to make a cut out in my book shelf and re do the water system, where I also built in a drainage system to easily drain the water from the Heater so it doesnt freeze in winter.

First sizing it on the wall to see how it fits and built in the mounting brackets

With the cover off and showing the insides

Starting on setting up the water and gas pipes

More pipe work and building in the drain taps

Cutting the hole through the ceiling

     Put a capping round the edges to keep the                 Hemp in place and make it look good
Now have the Flue mounted

   When the Flue came out through the roof I        
   sealed all around it with flexible heat proof           sealant

    Then from an old can that I painted, I made a          chimney cap
My plan of the drainage system

I also use the taps for keeping the water turned off as people like to try them when they come to visit, then end up getting rather wet!!!
There is also a tap on the cold water pipe going to the shower, that isnt yet fitted in this foto

Cointra Optima COB-5p Specs:
Power: 8.9 Kw
Liters of water per minute
: 5.1 l
Propane/butane gas:
30 mbar
Gas consumption: 0.32 - 0.79 kg per hour

Temperature up to: to
65° C
Minimum water pressure: 0.6 bar

Diameter flue pipe: 80
High 450 x Wide 280 x Deep 129 mm.
Automatic battery ignition

Weight: 6 kg

Water Filter
Febuary 2018

In Febuary 2018 I built in a Water Filter.
I want to move some day onto some land and will probably catch my water from a roof. I plan then to store it in 1000 liter water tanks that I will bury in the ground so they dont freeze in winter.

To be ready for this I have built in a Water Filter using a Doulton Supercarb. This Filter has a two stage cartridge, starting the filtration with 0.9 Micron rated ceramic and next having the water being treated by activated carbon.

Again I have built it in a high position in the Truck to help it not to freeze during the night. Ive had the experiance when I first built the House, of my water pump freezing as Id mounted it down low in its own space out of the way and to reduce the noise it made. When winter arrived it would freeze over night so I moved it to the end of the day bed where it receives the warmth of the House. Since then I havent had a problem.

Ive put the Water Fiter in my book shelf beside the water heater and fitted a cutoff tap so I can remove the Filter for cleaning and replacement. At the moment I have a good water supply, so Ive removed the Filter until I need it.

I built a frame to hold the Filter in and keep it from moving while driving.
In practice Ive removed the middle brace and just use the bottom support

Mounted in its position on the wall

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