Part 12: Water Filter
25 Febuary 2018  

I want to move some day onto some land and will probably catch my water from a roof. I plan then to store it in small water tanks that I will bury in the ground so they dont freeze in winter.

To be ready for this I have built in a Water Filter using a Doulton Supercarb. This Filter has a two stage cartridge, starting the filtration with 0.9 Micron rated ceramic and next having the water being treated by activated carbon.

Again I have built it in a high possition in the Truck to help it not to freeze during the night. I had the experiance when I first built the House, of my water pump freezing as Id mounted it down low in its own space out of the way and to reduce the noise it made. When winter arrived it would freeze over night so I moved it to the end of the day bed where it receives the warmth of the House. Since then I havent had a problem.                                                                                                                                             I ve put the Water Fiter in my book shelf beside the water heater and fitted a cutoff tap so I can remove the Filter for cleaning and replacement.

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