Renovating Front right wheel cylinder
February 2010

With a good cold winter freezing the water lying under the Truck and lots of snow around, I decided that it was time to rebuild my front right Wheel Cylinder that I had a feeling was leaking. So on the 4 of February I dug away some snow and proceeded to jack up and remove the front wheel.

After removing the Front hub and the brake drum I found that the Wheel Cylinder was indeed leaking and the brake fluid had dripped down over the brake assembly.

I then removed the brake pads and the Wheel Cylinder and cleaned everything. Stripped the Wheel Cylinder and honed the bore out till smooth inside and fitted with new Ate Wheel Cylinder seals
# 03.3401 -3801.1  My Wheel Cylinder bore size is 38.1 mm

State of the Wheel Cylinder before cleaning and Honing

Wheel Cylinder honer

    Starting of the cleaning while on the ice.

      Cleaned and ready to assemble . As you can see
      the wood block that Im jacking on has sunken
      and then frozen into the ice.

All assembled and ready to fit the Wheel Hub back on after repacking the wheel bearings with new grease. Copper paste under all moving parts. The brake drums show no wear at all on the braking surface, which shows that the Truck really had done only 15000km when I bought it !!

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