Rear Wheel Hubs during Winter

November and December 2008

Not much happened all year as I was studying and working, then in November I mounted the Frost protection system to the air line from the motor. I had been wanting to do this for a while and was good to finally get it done. Changed the oil and diesel filters as well as the Motor oil while I was at it. Cleaned the air filter and refilled the oil in it.

New Frost protector mounted just to the right of the air pressure regulator. 

Mounted a second Alternator as the Motor originally had a 24 volt one mounted for the old Koffer. I removed that and replaced it with a 120 Amp 12 volt Alternator that charges a 240 Amp battery in the Koffer. The Truck electrics are still charged with the original 12 volt 35 Amp Generator.

Then in December I had to change a leaking Rear Axle Oil Seal before it covered the brakes. So in a period of relatively fine weather I removed the rear wheel, brake drum and axle hub. As I have the axle with the Differential lock in it (The HL 5 Axle with an oil capacity of 11 litres), I am able to remove the brake drum without removing the whole rear hub.


The wet oil can be seen on the brake backing plate behind the hub.


Axle removed and about to undo lock nuts.


The Hub before I started to clean it.


The Axle.


Back of the Hub covered in oil before removing the Oil Seal.

   This is inside the oil catcher from behind the


Cast into the brake drum is the manufacture date          10 May 1966

                   A Sankey Rim built in UK in 1952.
                   Not an original Mercedes part.


Cleaned and all ready for packing with grease before rebuilding it together again.

The numbers on the old Oil Seal

Nice days for working out side with steel !!

Job finished with painting the Hub, Brake drum and the Wheel

Just in time as this all arrived a few days latter !!!

Then a few days later it got a little bit cold !

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