Power Steering 
March to September 2009

Part 1- March

At the end of 2008 I had the chance to buy an old Power Steering unit from a LA 911 that had burnt in a fire.
So I cleaned everything, replaced a lot of seals and O-Rings then painted it all before mounting it into my Truck.
What I thought might be a two week job took me in the end about seven months due to work, study, waiting on parts and a few problems that took some time to sort out! 
The Power Steering Gearbox had also been caught in this fire and the top part had got rather hot with the paint having burnt off on the upper part of it. 
The reservoir tank had been hit badly and all the rubbers had completely crystallized or burnt to dust.  The pump had also been hit with all the mounting rubber bushes burnt up and the O-Rings inside hard as rock!

So this is how it looked when I first got it home.

The Power Steering Unit before cleaning, repairing and painting.

    The Hydraulic Pump with the connection pipes
     that  had the rubber hoses burnt off.


Looking into the Reservoir Tank with the remains
of the burnt rubber components.

              The Hydraulic Pump before cleaning
                and rebuilding.

Inside the Pump showing the rotor.

         The Rotor cover with one of the rock
           hard O-Rings.

The Steering Gearbox showing signs of the burnt paint at the top end (right side) and the reservoir tank holder with only paint left on it at the connection to the gearbox.

Top of Steering box showing the burnt paint and the top locking ring holding the top cap.

The Oil seal I replaced in the top cap.

With the top cap unscrewed to replace the top oil seal.

      The bearings are still in good condition and
        didnt show any heat stress.

The Pump to Steering box connection pipes before cleaning and repainting.


I started with the cleaning and painting of the parts ready for the mounting. I also had to buy a new Water Pump as I needed one with the mounting lug on the back plate where the adjustment screw for the Hydraulic Pump is mounted. I found a new one on eBay and bought it for 60€. Also as the paint was flaking off the Rocker Cover I sanded and repainted this as well. I was able to buy a 2 component paint in a  Spray Can  that I had filled with the original motor colour.

The original Mercedes motor paint is "DB 6453 Motorgrün".

The Spray was from the Firm SprayMax


The Lug that I needed on the Water Pump!


Rocker Cover freshly painted.


Fan-belt Pulley and the adjustment screw for the
Hydraulic Pump.

For the Hydraulic Pump mounting on Motor


Hydraulic Pump Mounting Bracket.

        Parts all laid out and in the process of being              painted including bolt heads and nuts.

Rocker Cover off

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