Painting in the Cab

June 2007

This action started with the sound proofing which showed up rusty areas and places where the paint had worn out or needed to be repainted due to just being grubby. 




As part of the sound proofing Ive been laying down thick rubber mats on all floor surfaces.

As I proceed with the restoration project Ive been trying to replace all the old rubber components as I come across them.

One of these was the rubbers in the Cab side air scoops that had been leaking water onto the floor and causing the rust in the area by the  Full-beam Headlight foot switch. I was able to buy new ones A322 837 04 98 from Mercedes for 3,48€ (June 07)

 Cab Side Air Scoops

Old cracked and crumbling


Fresh from the package.

Painted and ready to glue in the new rubber.

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