Part 9: Inside construction
17 July 2011 - 9 February 2012


Closed in the small area with all the water pipes and hoses with some nice Meranti wood.


Well I finally got round to finishing the floor section for the shower base so I dont keep falling into the shower all the time !

Windows are now finished with the placing of the brass Telescopic Window Stay.

So with the days getting cooler its time to finish the door isolation. I epoxied the frame timbers and built a frame to come up against the rubber from the window to seal everything from the ingress of any water. The frames were put down against a bead of Sikaflex.

 The frame for the window in place.

Detail of the  window frame.

With the insolation fitted in place and ready for closing.

Finished using Gaboon plywood and a coating of epoxy to water proof.  

So now is also the time to put the Wood Oven into the Truck. Here Im sizing the flues and finding a system that makes sure that the pipes are fitted in such a way that any liquid, especially the chimney tar, will run down inside the pipe and collect in the bottom elbow.

Putting in more framing before closing with 6mm plywood.

Mounting the Fermacell sheets on the wall from 10mm battens to provide fire proofing to the plywood.

Detail of the 10mm air gap between the Feracell and the plywood to provide an air cooling duct. Also there is a 10mm air gap at the bottom to provide access for the cooling air to enter.

Hit a steel roof truss while cutting the flue hole so had to move the hole over a little bit!

So from a piece of Meranti plywood I made a covering piece for the hole and to keep in the Rockwool that I packed around the Flue to provide more fire proofing.

The Oven is in and working well. Even when running on low the Truck has an inside temperature of around 27°C with the window over the sink about 5cm open and a outside temperature of -15°C!

The  top Chimney pipe fits into the pipe from the stove that sits just inside the flue. Attached near the bottom is a cone piece thats sealed with heat proof flexible sealant to keep the rain from running down the pipe. On top Ive made a cap with 3 long legs that fit inside the pipe made from 4 x 20mm steel to keep it from being blown away in the wind.
For the summer and while driving as well as cleaning I can remove the top pipe.

Ive built a cap for the top of the chimney flue where it comes out of the Truck to stop the weather coming in when the top pipe is removed

This is how its held in place. I used the small length of chain so the strings dont get cut on the end of the chimney. The strings tie to the Oven support frame that is bolted thru the Truck wall. The chimney sits on the rubber sealing tape to keep it water proof

The Sommer arrived so cut a hole in the roof

The water stop is set down on Sikaflex and riveted in place

 I screwed the frame into place with Würth self-tapping screws

 The Dachluke mounted

From the inside can be seen the 20mm Isodur that Ive glued to the underside of the Dachluke to provide insulation from the suns heat and winters cold on the steel.

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