Part 8: Inside construction
15 May - 17 July


 Finished the edges to the shower tray with Mahogany trim which is glued in with epoxy then after sanding a final coat of epoxy over everything to seal it and make it all water proof.

 The beginning stages to the roof over the shower constructed from Gaboon plywood and just before taking out to coat with epoxy.

 The start of my Buro corner with shelves and some draws.

 Building the draw for the printer paper and other stationary things.

 Folders shelf is built and the draw is fitted.

 The Printer is in place and only needs the small wood piece fitted on the front to hold it in place.

 Building the speaker shelf.

 First speaker shelf is in place.

Both speakers now mounted on the wall. 

Painting some more as the weather is good for this. 

 The right side and rear are now finished.

 After spending a few hours sanding all the sikaflex and old paint Ive now finished the undercoating and now about to apply the final top coat.

 Thats it! The outside painting is finished.

 Finally got around to burning the Bar 25 logo into the shower floor and coating with Epoxy.

 Sorting out the layout of the pipe connections for the shower.

Ive also Epoxied into the wall an old porcelain soap holder. Now waiting for the epoxy to dry before sanding and applying the marine varnish to the wood. 

Cut a hole in the roof to mount a ventilator for the shower. Here I have mounted an old drain pipe that will be the flange between the fan and the aluminium flex pipe.

 Holding a jigsaw blade in my Visegrips as the jigsaw wouldn't fit in the corner.

 The aluminium flex pipe coming through the roof

 Gluing the wooden frames that will hold the side walls to the shelf. The Festool box is holding down the frame for the binocular cupboard.

 Framing finished

   Ready to be lifted into place

 Fitted in place

Rewiring the Ventilator with longer cables so I can mount the switches on the wall.

 Soldering the longer wires on the back of the switch circuit board. 

 Shelf mounted and the switch fixed to the left corner.

The Solar ventilator that runs the system so that I can extract the steam from the shower and keep the house less damp especially in winter. 

 Fitted the water pipes for the shower and bedded them down on Sikaflex where they go through the wall.

Connected the copper pipes to the plastic hoses.

 I soldered together copper T Connectors to join the hoses.

 All put together and water test completed.

 Yippy I now have a working shower with a LED shower head.
Still need to mount the small sub wall that will hide the shower curtain behind.

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