Part 7: Inside construction
19 April -8 May


 Shower wall standing in position after the epoxy dried.

 First covering of the new green paint.

Painting with a satin finish, RAL 6005 British Racing Green (Moosgrün)

 Now Ive got all the pipes set up for the water system.The shower wall has been epoxied in place and the copper water pipes set through holes to be connected to the plastic pipes.

 The back side of the shower wall and the pipe connections.

 Ive built in a holder for the big ladle into the copper water pipes.

Now I also have a Brass drinking water tap with water that is supplied through the water filter.  

Gluing in the Gaboon base boards with epoxy along the sides of the shower. 

The second wall has been glued in and now waiting for the glue to set before sanding.

One more side panel for the shower base and then the Mahogany trim and then its finished.  

Finally finished mounting the bent roof panels. Ive set the lights with a solid copper wire along side the power wires and then covered with Heat-shrink tube so that they are flexibly mounted.


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