Part 6: Inside construction
20 March - 18 April


 The kitchen is now usable with hot and cold running water.

 Closing off the under bed storage area and insulating the wall with styrodur.

 The storage area under the bed is now closed and ready to use.

After a winter with out heating I finally put the heater in.

 Put my old table back in until I build a new one out of Cherry wood.

Got the first curved side piece up to close off the roof. 

 Second seat bank is in and will become a storage bin when I get around to closing it off.

 More curved panels are in and closing the roof off. Im using here 4mm plywood and just pushing it into place but it will only go in if its not too long and I have found that half meter is about the right length.


 Finally got music happening and temporarily mounted the stereo. It will later get a proper place built into the shelves that Im going to build at the end of the bed.

The other wheel arch has now been closed and insulated with rock wool as later I need to do some welding on the arches to mount the mud guards on the outside of the koffer.

 Closed and painted with Polyurethane.

A small step has been put in under the table as it is too high to sit comfortably without it. Also more storage space under it.

Building the closed tuned box for the Sub Woofer with an internal size of 28.6 liter.

Fixed to the floor and connected. This is also going to be the base for the step up to the bed which will slide out from just above the box.

 The left hand side curved roof panels are now finished with being put in and the right hand side is half finished.

Ive epoxied the 6mm Mahogany plywood to a 15mm thick poplar plywood and this is going to be the wall of the shower. It is sitting in position but must be fitted to the wall where it will be glued and screwed in place. The water pipes need now to be put in there final position and feed through holes in the wall.
The shower floor has had the edges epoxied and then bedded down on Sikaflex and screwed to the steel frame. 

 Applying a coat of West 207 Epoxy over the mahogany wall of the shower. 


 Behind the cooking oven Ive put in a small computer fan to help extract the excess heat. As the switch is an old Bakelite one I mounted it near the floor where it is cooler.

 Finally started to paint the outside as its perfect drying weather. This is only the undercoat.

When it has finished drying I will sand the old paint and apply the new color over everything. 

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