Part 5: Inside construction
8 March - 19 March


The Truck in my area beside the Spree

Finally got the left side walls all finished

Im building a table that will fold out of the wall which is going to be mounted in the wall beside the bed.
Here I am building the table that will sit in the wall and Im about to put the styrodur insulation inside it

This is the wall

 Painting the table with boats varnish

The wall is now mounted with the cut out for the table to fit in

The varnished cut out and the plug holder

The right side walls almost all in!

The bed table is in and works well

Building the bed with Hemp insulation between the bed and the storage space under it

Bed area almost finished

 Ive built a small table holder for the meantime until I have time to build the small storage bin that will run down beside the bed and will have the table holder incorporated into it.


Bed is in and already using the wall table

Building the kitchen and designing where the sink and taps are going to be placed

Finally I have the hot and cold water connected and working without leaks. The bench has now been oiled and an extra piece of bench epoxyed behind the stove. Here I must add some metal as a fire guard

I have the water pipes going high over the door to keep them warm in winter. This will later all get hidden as I build shelves over this area. I used the copper pipe as it looks nicer than the plastic pipe.
  I mounted them also so that I the water will flow out when I open the winter drain valve and the kitchen tap. After opening both tap and valve I have no water left in the system to freeze

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