Part 4: Inside construction

26 February - 7 March 2011

 The guest bed area is finally finished and the top plates coated with polyurethane. 

 Second window frame is in.



 Framing for the next wall plate and doing all the wiring cable lines.

 My windows have arrived! 4mm safety glass on one side and normal 4mm glass on the other of the thermal window.

 Cutting the recess for the windows to fit into.

 Trying the window for size before gluing an extra frame of wood around the edge.

 New frame edges glued in place and waiting to dry before fitting the glass which I will bed down on a layer of Sikaflex.



Working on the wiring loom. I solder all joins then cover the join with shrinky tube.  

 Another wall plate is in.

 Wiring in the three light switches; Outside light, Main house light, Kitchen lights.

 Beautiful winters day with blue skys and cold icy wind, great for working.

 Fitting the weather strip for above the windows.

 Now they come off and get varnished and go back on after Ive fitted the windows.

 Next wall plate with brass light switch and two 220V power sockets.

One of the bedroom lights.


The first window is in and the weather strip is mounted above it. 


Painting the frames with varnish. 

Frame with sikaflex applied and waiting to mount the window into it.

  First section of the back wall is in.

Gluing the inner weather strips to the frame.  


 Now all the windows have been fitted.

 Window lock

 Chaos of work tools.

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