Part 3: Inside construction
 17 February - 25 February 2011

Preparing the control board for the Battery Isolation switches


Framing ready for the placement of the water tank, tank insulation and the final partition wall


Mounting the water level senders into the water tank

Fixing the tank holding straps and cutting grooves in the insulation



Cutting hole for the water filling cap and mounting the filling hose to the water tank

Water tank connected and the gas bottles connected to the distribution taps.




Now the hemp is all in the ceiling and waiting to be covered

The water partition with two pumps. One for the house supply and the other for pumping water from a canister direct into the tank, if I need to carry water in.
Water boiler in the back. This was removed in 2016 as I put in a Gas Water Heater

Chaos of wiring and tools as I put together the gas, electric and water systems

Finally the front board is on and the area is almost closed off, once I put the top boards in


The ceiling is in

Now the gas distribution system is all finished and the water boiler connected

Cutting a hole in the outer steel to fit the water boiler chimney through

 The wire chaos is slowly receding with the completion of all the cables above the water tank being put through a pipe. I soldered the cables together and covered the joins with shrinky tape

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