Part 2: Inside construction
 9 February - 16 February 2011

Flexing out the bottom of a sink which the I will then Epoxy it into the shower base so the waste water pipe can be connected.

Planing how the sockets are going to be mounted by the table.

Gluing the socket mounting board on to the back of the plywood before screwing to the Truck.

Sorting out the original koffer's electrical box so I can fit it into the Truck.

Gluing on with Sikaflex the Styrodur to the steel profiles is finished so now the next wall plate can be mounted once the glue has dried. Then some more wiring needs to be sorted out behind this plate for the 4 sockets, a light switch, the 220 V power box and speaker wires.



Gluing in with Epoxy a strip of Ekki (Bongassi) hardwood timber at the start of the floor and the edge of the shower.


Now fitted and waiting for the glue to dry.

The 220 V cable for the external power supply now going through the floor in a conduit and fixed in place with Sikaflex.

Cutting the hemp is easier if a piece of wood compresses it as I draw the knife through it.

The front wall is now finished with its 220 V sockets and printer cable fitted and working.


Planing the layout of the table, seating and the kitchen.


Planing the layout for the gas system.

Routing the channels for the gas bottle bases.

Now with the 1002mm gas release hole and  painting with floor sealer.

Partition walls glued and screwed in position.
I built an access door in the side of the gas compartment wall so I can get he water boiler in and out

Constructing the Gas line control tap box.


Gas bottles in place and waiting to connect the gas lines.

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