Gearbox ZF S6-36 GV 36
March 2017

Changing the Gearbox

I decided to change my Gearbox to a ZF S6-36 GV 36 as I am trying to go faster and reduce the engine revolutions.  Drove to M√ľnchen where I knew someone who had done this operation a few times and had all the materials and parts that were needed.

The first thing we did was remove my old G32 Gearbox and Winch PTO box.

Just after removing from the Bell Housing

Here we can see the Winch PTO on the rear of the G32 Gearbox after dragging it out from under the Truck

Bell Housing free of the Gearbox

The ZF S6-36 GV 36 before it was cleaned. Had a day of scrapping and wire brusing to remove all the old grease

Once we had it cleaned it was painted

The gearbox came from a forward control Truck so a new system for changing gear had to be built in that let us mount the gear stick directly up through the floor. Here we are putting it all together

All ready for mounting in the Truck

The New Clutch Plate has been mounted, soon to be followed with new Thrush Bearing

Adapter Plate being bolted to the Bell Housing

Gearbox under the Truck waiting to be jacked up, then aliened and pushed into position

Applying the Sealant to the Gearbox joining face before marring it to the Adapter Plate

Gearbox now bolted in and starting to connect up the air system for the gear splitter

Due to the ZF gearbox taking up different space under the Truck I had to remove the hand operation for the Transfer gearbox. Now to move from 4x2 to 4x4 I use an air switch that activates this air piston that can me seen being mounted

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