Adjusting Snow Chains
November 2009

After buying a pair of 12x20 sized Snow Chains at the end of 2008 Id never got round to adjusting them so that they fitted on to my 11x20 tyres. So on a not so sunny November day I got them out and set them up for using on my tyres. By shortening the distance in between some links I was able to shorten the length of the chain overall by using 8mm Maillons with a strength of 3500kg
Ive used shackles to begin with, then later put on the Maillons




 It was good that I did this as in the winter 2009 - 2010 I got to use them a few times and they were very helpful. Even in Four Wheel Drive and with the Diff lock engaged I still don't have that much traction on frozen compacted snow or ice, especially on a hill. The chains just helped to power me on through easily.

Great traction! Perfect for snow and ice as well as muddy conditions.
I now have 4 chains. A set for the front and a set for the rear.

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